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Ask Screening Questions In Your Advert
Improve the quality of applicants for your vacancy/contract by adding interview questions to your advert.
How the wording of your advert could affect the outcome of an IR35 Tribunal.
This article is about small things in your advert that the HMRC might use against you to try and prove that you are really using the Contractor as a ‘Disguised Employee’.
Be clear about the benefits of working for your company
Candidates are interested in what benefits you offer before they decide if they are interested in your vacancy.
Interviewers, Find An Alternative To Asking What Are You Passionate About
In the world of Software Engineering, Interviewers will occasionally ask the Candidate, “What technology are you passionate about?”
Your Transferable Skills Are Now Recognised
Have you ever looked at a vacancy, know that you can do the job, but have not applied because they have specified a few mandatory skills that you do not have?
Attract more applicants by being less strict on required skills
Your use of exact mandatory skills could be eliminating highly suitable candidates.
UK Charities, NHS, Not-for-profit, free adverts
If you are a UK registered charity or part of the NHS, or a Software Company doing work on their behalf, you can add adverts for Software Professional completely free of charge.
Promote your Webinar - Event – Podcast
We can promote your Webinar, Event or Podcast to our audience. There’s no cost. Just email the details and we will get them added.
Reasons to use a Specialised Job Board
Do you use Job Boards to find Software Professionals such as Software Developers, Business Analysts, Scrum Masters, Software Testers and Project Managers? If you do, are you using the right type of Job Board to maximise your investment?
IR35 & Off-Payroll – explained (Book review)
This book will help you deal with the Off-Payroll regulations that come into force April 2021. Aimed at Contractors, Recruitment Agents and Hiring Companies.
Artificial intelligence and Big Data Recruitment Consultants
A list of UK Recruitment Consultants that specialise in AI and Big Data
Blogs for Business Analysts
A list of over 20 blogs for Business Analysts
How to Specify that A Cover Letter is required
As an Employer or Recruitment Agent with a vacancy, sometimes you need a cover letter from applicants.
Software Professional Interview - Questions to be ready for
Here are some questions that you should be prepared for. It's up to you to provide your own unique answers
Make your first interview with a Software Professional far more productive.
During a first interview it is often for the candidate to decide very quickly that this job is not for them. Often the interviewer can quickly decide that the candidate is not suitable. Unfortunately, this ends up wasting a lot of time for both the company and the candidate.
Suggestions about types of questions to ask during an interview with a Software Developer
This article is aimed at Senior Software Developers that might be asked in sit in on an interview and ask the candidate technical questions.
Looking for a new job? We help you find the ‘needle in a haystack’
This article is aimed at Software Professionals such as Software Developers, Business Analysts, Scrum Masters, Software Testers etc who are job hunting.
Genuine substitution for IT Contractors
If you are a Contract Software Professional such as a Business Analyst, Developer, Tester etc, you'll know that IR35 has always been lurking in the background and in April 2020, deciding if you are outside of IR35 will move to your end client.
Your recruitment process could be turning your ideal candidates away.
You might not even have a process. An email here, a random meeting there. It might all seem OK from your viewpoint.
Microservices Resources
Are you interested in finding out more about Microservices from basic to more complex patterns? This is a collection of resources that you might find useful.